About us

Well we are not actually based in the Arctic, which is a good job as its extremely cold there, however we decided on the name because it's our sole aim to bring only the purest 'arctic' fresh flavours to you.

So you feel happy, pure and fresh too!

Our team are committed to providing the best quality products with exceptional service. However we do recognise vaping is new and the long term risks are not fully known, therefore we are committed to provide only the purest e-liquids and juices with strict ingredients and quality control which will hopefully provide safer alternatives to tobacco products and inferior e-liquids. 

If you like our juices and products please tell your friends, and if you don't, please tell us!

Happy vaping !

The Arctic 'fresh' Vape team.


The Arctic Vape Company is a trading name for Amyris Limited, registered in England. 
Company registration number 02801237 - incorporated in 1993.



Important Notice

Electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation aids and are not recognised as such, none of the products listed on this site are authorised by MHRA to be used as smoking cessation devices. Therefore Arctic Vape & Amyris Limited make no claim, implied or otherwise, that using e-cigarettes is an aid to stopping smoking. 

It is well known that smoking tobacco kills thousands every year and vaping is considered to be a safer alternative. However, it is not without its own risks, as the long term effect of vaping is unknown. Therefore in our opinion, if you have never been a smoker, we strongly recommend you do not take up vaping. Arctic Vape & Amyris Limited make no claim, implied or otherwise, that it is safe to use e-cigarettes.