Safety Information

Important Notice

Electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation aids and are not recognised as such, none of the products listed on this site are authorised by MHRA to be used as smoking cessation devices. Therefore Arctic Vape & Amyris Limited make no claim, implied or otherwise, that using e-cigarettes is an aid to stopping smoking. 

It is well known that smoking tobacco kills thousands every year and vaping is considered to be a safer alternative. However, it is not without its own risks, as the long term effect of vaping is unknown. Therefore in our opinion, if you have never been a smoker, we strongly recommend you do not take up vaping. Arctic Vape & Amyris Limited make no claim, implied or otherwise, that it is safe to use e-cigarettes. 


Tips for keeping your e-cigarette safe

One well known adverse risk to your health through vaping is when the atomiser (coil) becomes carbonised or is coming to its end of life. This can happen when you vape ‘dry’, i.e. where you have run out of liquid, this in turn causes dangerous by products. Coils need replacing regularly.


Battery Safety

E-cigarettes generally use Lithium-Ion batteries; these are long lasting and can be charged many times without the limitations of older type batteries. However, it is also well known that Li-Ion batteries can catch fire or even explode causing serious injuries.

It is not just e-cigarettes that are affected, but all devices which use this type of battery, such as mobile phones, tablets and even aircraft battery packs.


Key tips to keep the battery safe

  • Never place a loose battery in your pocket, ensure they are either in the e-cigarette or in a purpose made case.
  • Keep all loose metal items away from the battery.
  • Do not drop the battery or e-cigarette, if you do inspect it carefully and be cautious of the battery (don’t put it back in your pocket)
  • Never pierce the battery
  • Never leave your e-cigarette in an active state in your pocket, you can inadvertently cause the vape button to be pushed continually.
  • Always charge your battery or e-cigarette with a charger recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Only use a quality charger rated for the e-cigarette and charging the device (avoid charger fires)

You must ensure you treat your battery with respect!

Allergy Safety Notice

Some e-liquids can potentially cause allergic reactions, just like nuts, wheat, and other allergens can cause serious allergic reactions in others, vaping fluids are no different. So please make sure you check the ingredients in our fluids. We would be very sad to hear if you have an adverse reaction, but we cannot be held responsible for it, so please check!
If you are allergic or hypersensitive to anything, we strongly advise against vaping anyway.